Rave Reviews


“It was really, very fun. I would absolutely love to come again!” – Rachel Frost, 4th grade

When asked if she wanted to come back: “10,000,000,000,000x yes!” – Rees Campbell, 1st grade

“Every session I have been to was fun, amazing, awesome, and I will try to come every chance I get!” – Ella Boomershine, 5th grade

“I really enjoy being in George Daily Youth Theatre!” – Rhiya Massey, 5th grade

“This is awesome!” – Taylor Drost, 3rd grade

“IT WAS GREAT!” – Sophia Dykstra, 5th grade

“Theatre is a very enjoyable thing to do. You can leave the world as you become your character. It is enjoyable for being in from young ages to colder and very satisfying to see up on stage in only 5 days of practice.” – Sam Carmichael, 8th grade


“The class was great and my daughter really enjoyed it. It has helped her explore her creative side, and has given her a voice that she didn’t know she had.” – Julie Miller

“My son loves theatre. He is able to show his creativity. Normally he is shy, but this program brings out his best.” – Jodi Krejci

“My child has a reading disability, and I was amazed to see him not only read his play outloud, but to know he wrote it. What a great learning experience for him.” – Michelle Roberts