Technical Information

House & Stage

The George Daily Auditorium comfortably accommodates 695 people with continental seating. We have a proscenium stage, with an opening of 49′x18′ and a 31′ depth from the proscenium arch to the back wall. The floor is softwood throughout the acting space with a hardwood apron, with removable panels to create an orchestra pit. The wing spaces are concrete. There are two 15′x16′ dressing rooms, located at stage right and stage left 8′ from the proscenium opening, complete with full restroom and shower amenities. The backstage consists of an attached black-box theatre measuring 50′ x 28 ½’ and an adjoining scene shop area. The fly system consists of 25 lines and includes 3 electrics, Act curtain, traveler, concert curtain, cyc curtain, sky cyc, and a white scrim capable of flying out to 41′ above the stage. The stage is equipped with three motor points at 3′, 4 ½’, 17′, and 24 ½’ from the plaster line. Behind the theatre, the loading dock and drive are able to accommodate semi trucks. Adjacent to the lobby, a separate reception area contains kitchen and serving resources.


The lighting system is controlled by an ETC Express 48/96 Control Console. It is a computerized board that can do both one- and two-scene presets with ten pages of 24 submasters and preset capabilities for 600 memorized cues. It is housed in the control booth at the rear of the house.

We have one front of house lighting cove in the ceiling and two front of house side pockets. On stage lighting is from three electrics, six drop boxes with 75′ cables, and side floor pockets. The cove lighting contains 32 circuits, the onstage electrics have 16 circuits each arranged in pairs stage right and left, and each drop box has 6 separate circuits. The side pockets for front of house lighting have four circuits each, while the stage has 28 circuits in floor pockets. In a lighting balcony above the control booth, there are three Strong 575 followspots.

A wide variety of gels and gobos are stored in-house, and below we have provided an inventory of our instruments. Additional instruments and resources are available for use from the local college and community theatre. Full general-hang light plots are available upon request.


The control booth houses a Soundcraft Spirit 8 40 channel mixer, a TASCAM MD-301 Mk II mini disc deck, a TASCAM CD-RW 700 CD Rewritable recorder, a Denon DCM 360 5 disc CD player, a two-deck TEAC cassette tape playback unit, Digi 001, PreSonus Digimax Preamp, and a Lexicon MPX 500. All sound control is portable to the house directly in front of the booth. Available for use are: Shure UC uhf wireless lapel mics and receivers, one Shure LX vhf wireless lapel mic and receiver, seven Shure 58 mics, five EV MC500 mics, one Telex HT150 wireless mic, six Shure SM 81 mics, three Shure SM 102 miniature condenser mics, three TEAC ME-120 mics, four Nady DM 70 mics, and one Nady DM 80 mic. The auditorium has 16 jacks spread throughout the facility, a stage snake and box of an additional 16 jacks and stage monitor capabilities for five separate mixes with six Yorkville and one Yamaha stage monitors. There is also a dedicated Mac in the booth capable of multi-track editing and playback using Protools. Also, the Telex intercom system includes four wireless and seven wired headsets. The auditorium has an individually controlled sound monitor system serving the entire building.


The George Daily Auditorium employs An Executive Director, Marketing & Promotions Manager, Technical Director, and Children’s Theatre Director. The in-house technical crew is composed of local students and adults, all of whom are trained in proper equipment use and supervised by the Technical Director. Our crews gain experience working with a variety of professional and community performances that travel through the auditorium.

Lighting Inventory

12lt 3ckt 150w R40FL Strip 6 600/color
3lt 3ckt Cyc light hanging units 5 1kw/color
3lt 3ckt Cyc light floor units 8 1kw/color
Par 64 44 500
6″ fresnel 34 500
6×9 Altman 1 575
Source Four Pars 12 575
36degree Source Four 30 575
3 ½; x 6 Altman 5 500
3 ½; x 8 Altman 6 500
6 x 16 Altman 12 750
19degree Source Four 48 575
Strong 575 Followspot 3 575

Disconnect Boxes

400 amp/240 volt 3-phase — 4 wire service back stage right with 50 amp SPDT breaker available, 100 amp/208 volt 3-phase non-isolated ground (no wild leg) in the black box

Special Effects

LaMaitre G300 Hazer/Fogger, Rosco 1600 fog machine


Telex BTR-200-II with 4 TR-200 Transceivers and PH-1 headsets Telex System with 7 PH-1 headsets

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